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As I continue to ponder a revamp of the website, and fret about the absence of new content, please enjoy this segment on the local Ottawa podcast almostfridayshow.com, featuring fairplaythings!


Winner - Roman Bozhuk!

Congratulations Roman Bozhuk! You've won a custom 4" munny. Thanks to all who took part in the draw at TFCon!

TFCon 2010 - Thank you for checking out this dusty website!

 If you dropped by the fairplaythings.com table at TFCon and then logged into this somewhat dusty site, thank you! I am pleased to have met you and all the other wonderful fans who came by the table in the last two days! There are a lot of great memories and I even picked up a few toys too (okay a lot of toys - Packrat and Fractal, Ghost Masterpiece Starscream, the Korean White Supersized G2 Optimus Prime and the Micronauts Battle Cruiser are highlights), so thank you all (and particularly to Colin and his team at transformerscon.com for again organizing a terrific show!)

Return from Toronto

Just back from a terrific trip from the big city and the first Toronto WizardCon. I am very pleased that Gail Simone enjoyed the special Catman made for her appearance. A picture available through twitpic here.

Where We Stand

fairplaythings.com is getting ready to undergo a makeover in the coming weeks, which will spur new and fresh content for your enjoyment, including photo reviews from Botcon 2009 and the most recent munny shows. Meanwhile, let me thank those of you who came out to the most recent show. My entries are still available for display at Lost Marbles 55.5 Williams Street, Ottawa). And don't forget to check out Bring your Munny to the Slaughter - the story of how Kid Robot met wrestling legend, Sergeant Slaughter.

Munny Show - September 9, 2009 - Lost Marbles, 55 1/2 Murray Street, Ottawa

I am participating in the upcoming Lost Marble Munny Show this coming Wednesday. If you are in Ottawa, come on out and see the show. Door open at 7:30 p.m.

Catching up

Site needs some catching up. To you, loyal readers, I extend my apologies. I hope to have new pictures up in the coming weeks and new content. In the meantime, I should let you know I took second place in the diorama category at this year's Botcon, with a TF:Animated piece.

Thanks for the Show!

A mighty thanks to everyone who came out especially to see my work on display at Saturday's Ottawa Munny Show. Thanks Angela! Loren! Erica! Adora! Dave! and the Bethers! Now back to the rest of the work load and Botcon for May!

Munny Show 2009

Munny Show 2009

Lost Marbles! is presenting a fresh Munny Show on Saturday, April 18, starting at 7:00 p.m. at Babylon Nightclub, 317 Bank Street, Ottawa. Come out and see fairplaythings.com and our latest Munny creations!

And keep checking out other toy related comment, including the Transformer-of-the-Day, at fairplaythings.com/blog.

Save Handmade Toys

Save Handmade Toys

Just because it is made by the little guy doesn't make it harmful. Just ask the big guys like Mattel who are creating all the controversy, who ironically are the only ones with the resoures to comply (a cost they will pass along to the consumer). These links help illustrate the problem.

Click here to learn more.

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