2008-11-23: Welcome to New Content. Same as the Old Content.

In the past two weeks, you've probably noticed a lot of changes have been going on at fairplaythings.com. The big news is that the webmistress has moved us over to a content management platform for the expressed purpose of allowing me, the ludite, to better keep you all abreast of comings and goings on the website. On this front, we've brought along a new addition. Rather than blogging directly on the current livejournal account, we've incorporated a WordPress blog right into this site here. This will allow me a chance to separate my toy musings with other aspects of my livejournal, and I'll be mitigating a lot of the historical toy musings over to the new WordPress blog in the coming weeks.

Fragmentation. It's a good thing?!? :)

Certainly a lot of stuff is already coming along in the workshop, notably current munnies and some making of details from previous projects. Certainly we have some plans for the awards and exhibitions section, if I ever get done the munny chores.

In any event, welcome! We hope to continue to offer new and interesting things to make your visit worthwhile. Cheers!

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