TFCon 2007: Runner-Up (3D Art)

TFCon 2007Runner-Up (3D Art Contest)
TransformersCon 2007 (Toronto, Canada)
April 28, 2007



Classics Dirge Classics Dirge     Runner-Up

Envisioned as part of the Transformers "Classics" line, Dirge was created using a modified Ramjet. This version differs from the then-forthcoming Botcon 2007 exclusive Dirge due to its modified wing formation, and a neo-classics paint application that more closely resembles those of the Hasbro releases Ramjet, Starscream and Skywarp. Dirge would later be packaged and entered as part of the figure competition at Botcon 2007.

Classics Dirge (back) G1, PVC, Classics Dirge   

Interested in how Classics Dirge came together? Take a swing by the "Making of Dirge" page.

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