U.S. President Barack Obama as "the Man of Hope"

Barack Obama (front view)Barack Obama - front viewBarack Obama - back view











Name: The Man of Hope (U.S. President Barack Obama)
Origin Date: 1961
Completed Date: 11/2008
Base Figure: 4" Dyed Munny (with cape)

It's too soon to say if he can be the inspiration of which we dream, and the leader for which we hope. But even with only the excitement of his campaign to lead his party and then his country, and the exhileration of his spoken word and message, we dare to believe he could be be our Kennedy, our Roosevelt, our Lincoln, our Washington.

Or, to translate to the world, a global Laurier, Churchill, Mandela, Gorbachev...

Alex Ross is an award-winning painter and artist. He was so inspired he created this picture of what President Obama could be. Caught up, I took the occasion for my own take on the Man of Hope. I thought about sending it to the campaign but I figure they are deluged with such things. Maybe this way he'll get to see it.

In any event, displayed with reverence, respect and passionate hope, and with appreciation for the inspiration...





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