TFCon 2010 - Thank you for checking out this dusty website!

 If you dropped by the table at TFCon and then logged into this somewhat dusty site, thank you! I am pleased to have met you and all the other wonderful fans who came by the table in the last two days! There are a lot of great memories and I even picked up a few toys too (okay a lot of toys - Packrat and Fractal, Ghost Masterpiece Starscream, the Korean White Supersized G2 Optimus Prime and the Micronauts Battle Cruiser are highlights), so thank you all (and particularly to Colin and his team at for again organizing a terrific show!)

If you're new to the site, welcome. Forgive the aged content I keep meaning to spruce up (and for which I keep getting distracted with munnies). My blog, accessible by the link above is far more interesting. And as always, I'm open to your commissioned ideas so shoot me an email. And most importantly, thank you for signing up for the contest to win a free munny. The draw will take place from among the 80+ names on the list this week and the results posted here. Good luck to you!

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