Transformers: Twenty-Five Years of Robots in Disguise
Original (Generation One) Release: 1984-1990

In 1964, Hasbro released the original 12" modern soldier, G.I.Joe, and licenced the concept around the world. One place which utilized the license was Japan which, in 1972, introduced a clear, robotic version of the familiar soldier as Henshin Cyborg. In 1974, it tweaked this concept by shrinking the scale of the figure to about four inches and introducing the world to the Microman line, later marketed in North America by 1970s toy giant, Mego, as the Micronauts.

In 1981, Takara introduced a line of toys parallel to Micronman called Diaclones. The concept featured one inch tall drivers, reminicent of the Microman figures, piloting giant transforming robots into battle. Two year later, Takara would introduce Micro-change robots into the main Microman line. From these two lines and in partnership with Hasbro, Transformers Super Robot Life, or simply Transformers in North America, were born.

Transformers have been manufactured in one form or another and in one country or another constantly since 1984. Since their introduction, there have been a myriad of Transforming lines, some of which have served as inspiration for a variety of Munny designs. To see what Munnies have been created, click on the applicable Transformers line:

  • Generation One (including Headmasters / Masterforce / Victory)
  • Generation Two
  • Beast Wars / Beast Machines
  • Beast Wars II / Beast Wars Neo
  • Robots in Disguise (Car Robots in Japan)
  • Armada / Energon / Cybertron (the Unicron trilogy)
  • Movie (Bay-formers)
  • Animated

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