Barack Obama (front view)

Barack Obama (front view)

In celebration of Inauguration Day, January 20, 2008, we at are proud to present the Man of Hope, Barack Obama.

Total (Munny) Request Live!

I'm still working on uploading goods for sale (including completed Munnies!) In the meantime, take a look at the sales page if you are interested in bringing a new Munny creation home.


If you've not checked it out yet, go to the blog or the grouping TF365 to check out my ongoing efforts to create an online Transformer-a-day calendar. Oddly addictive.

More content

Awards and Exhibits has been uploaded to fpt 2.0, and some tinkering has been undertaken around the edges of the Blog. We're cooking now.

Trans Warriors

More content is up and loaded with the formal creation of a Transformers page (with links to Beast Wars and Animated) and a Shogun Warriors page. More Heroes and Villains to come.


Currently in the middle of formatting new Munny pages in the Workshop section. In the meantime, a new Micronauts section (with links to Acroyear, Baron Karza and Force Commander) has been launched.

Working toward New Content. Finally.

Following the Fine Art Gala, we've formatted more pictures and begun to use them to populate the site. This work will continue, so expect some jumping around as we find suitable spots for all the text and pictures. In the meantime, a few of the newer images can be found here.


The blog continues to be refined, as links are transported in and some details are amended. More to come.

2008-11-23: Welcome to New Content. Same as the Old Content.

In the past two weeks, you've probably noticed a lot of changes have been going on at The big news is that the webmistress has moved us over to a content management platform for the expressed purpose of allowing me, the ludite, to better keep you all abreast of comings and goings on the website. On this front, we've brought along a new addition. Rather than blogging directly on the current livejournal account, we've incorporated a WordPress blog right into this site here.

fairplaythings - home is currently under construction! Don't worry, we should be back up shortly. In the meantime, visit for the latest toy chatter!

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